GGP Station Information (2015) 

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Stations Currently Operating New Stations (since 2009) Stations Discussed
1 BH Bad Homburg, Germany 14 MG MunGyung, S. Korea 1 AP Apache Point, USA   MT Matera, Italy
2 CA Cantley, Canada 15 MO Moxa, Germany 2 BG Gujarat, India   TH Tahiti, France
3 CB Canberra, Australia 16 NY Ny-Alesund, Norway 3 OS Onsala, Sweden      
4 CI Cibinong, Indonesia 17 PE Pecny, Czech Republic 4 BF Schiltach, Germany      
5 CO Conrad, Austria 18 ST Strasbourg, France 5 LH Lhasa, China Stations Closed
6 ES Esashi, Japan 19 SU Sutherland, South Africa 6 YS Yebes, Spain 1 BA Bandung, Indonesia
7 GE Getoc, Wuhan, China 20 SY Syowa, Antarctica       2 BE Brussels, Belgium
8 HS Hsinchu, Taiwan 21 TC Concepcion, Chile Stations Planned (2010) 3 BR Brasimone, Italy
9 KA Kamioka, Japan 22 WA Walferdange, Luxembourg   BO Boulder, USA 4 KY Kyoto, Japan
10 MA Matsushiro, Japan 23 WE Wettzell, Germany   DJ Djougou, Benin 5 PO Potsdam, Germany
11 MB Membach, Belgium 24 WG Ghuttu, India       6 VI Vienna, Austria
12 MC Medicina, Italy 25 WU Wuhan, China            
13 ME Metsahovi, Finland                  

Description of Station Variables
GGP uses units of microgal and nm s-2 (1 microgal = 10 nm s-2 ) for gravitational acceleration.
For pressure, we use hPa, (1 mbar = 1 hPa). All variables are as given by the SG Station Operators.

Station ID GGP Station Identification Code
  Instrument GWR Instrument Type, Model, Number
  Location Nearest town, country
  Latitude (N) Instrument N latitude
  Longitude (E) Instrument E longitude
  Height (m) Instrument elevation (at sensor)
  InstallationDate Start date for operations at station
  StartRecord Start date of continuous recording
  EndRecord End date of continuous recording (if applicable)
Gravity Sampling (s) Time sampling of gravity DVM
  Recording (s) Time sampling of saved gravity data
  Precision (mV) Least significant decimal of gravity voltage digitizer
  Calibration (microgal/V) or (nm s-2/V) Gravity calibration (+ method - e.g. tides, AG)
  FilterCornFreq (mHz) Corner frequency of gravity anti-aliasing filter
  NyquistCutOff (dB) Highest frequency passed by anti-aliasing filter
  PhaseShift (deg/cpd) Phase shift of system (assumed linear)
  TimeLag (s) DC time delay of (analog filter + system)
Pressure Sampling (s) Time interval of pressure DVM
  Recording (s) Time sampling of saved pressure data
  Precision mV Least significant decimal of pressure voltage digitizer
  Calibration (hPa/V) Pressure calibration against a standard measure
Data DataICET Dates of data sent to ICET (yyyy/mm-yyyy/mm)
  AuxData1 Primary environmental signal monitored
  AuxData2 Secondary environmental signal monitored
Contacts Responsible Scientist Name of scientist responsible for station (+email)
  Institute Institute responsible for installation
  Data Sender Person sending data to ICET (+email)
  Website for SG / Institute Link to SG site or organization
  Special Notes Details on any of the above variables