Station CO (Conrad Observatory, Austria)

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Station ID CO
  Instrument GWR C025, compact type, single sphere
  Location Conrad Observatory, Austria
  Latitude (N) 47.928756+/- 0.000001
  Longitude (E) 15.860866+/- 0.000001
  Height (m) 1045.10+/- 0.01 (orthometric height)
  InstallationDate 2007 11 09
  StartRecord 2007 11 14
  EndRecord (if applicable)  
Gravity Sampling (s) 1
  Recording (s) 1
  Precision (V) 10-7
  Calibration (nm s-2/V) -778.279 preliminary
  FilterCornFreq (mHz) 61.5
  NyquistCutOff (dB) 100
  TimeLag (s) 8.7 preliminary
Pressure Sampling (s) 1
  Recording (s) 1
  Precision (V) 0.01 hPa
  Calibration (hPa/V)  
Data DataICET  
Contacts Responsible Scientist Bruno Meurers (
  Institute University of Vienna, SG owner: Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamis, Vienna
  Data Sender B. Meurers
  Website associated with installation
  Special Notes