Station BE (ROB, Belgium)

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Station ID BE
  Instrument GWR T003 TT70
  Location Royal Observatory of Brussels, Belgium
  Latitude (N) 50.7986
  Longitude (E) 4.3581
  Height (m) 100.0
  InstallationDate 21 May 1982
  StartRecord 15 November 1986
  EndRecord September 2000; instrument retired
Gravity Sampling (s) 1
  Recording (s) 60
  Precision (mV) 0.001
  Calibration (microgal/V) 58.15*
  FilterCornFreq (mHz)  
  NyquistCutOff (dB)  
  PhaseShift (deg/cpd) 0.125
  Time Lag (s) 30.0
Pressure Sampling (s) 1
  Recording (s) 60
  Precision (mV) 0.001
  Calibration (mbar/V) 9.4644
Data DataICET July 1997 - 98/10
  AuxData1 rainfall
  AuxData2 Water table
Contacts Responsible Scientist Bernard Ducarme (retired) (
  Institute Royal Observatory of Belgium
  Data Sender B. Ducarme (
  Special Notes *This is approximate for data reduction.
A normalization factor of 0.99073 has to be applied for tidal analysis.
This factor is included in the hourly GGP data.