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Snow-to-Liquid Ratio Climatology

Click here for an interactive map of the snow to liquid ratio climatology stratified by NWS forecast zone

The above figures represent a 30 year climatology of snow to liquid ratios that was compiled using NWS Cooperative Observer Summary of the Day data. Only snowfalls greater than 2" and liquid equivalents greater than 0.11" were included. Events estimated by NCDC were discarded. A station must have recorded at least 15 observations over the 30 year period to be included. The total number of stations included was 7760. Portions of the maps with no analysis contain no data for that grid point.

Baxter, M. A., C. E. Graves and J. T. Moore, 2005: A climatology of Snow to Liquid Ratio for the Contiguous United States. Wea. Forecasting, 20, 729-744.

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