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The following is a list of current and/or past collaborators with CIPS:

NOAA/NWS St. Louis, MO
Ron Przybylinski
Fred Glass
Jim Sieveking
Gary Schmocker

NOAA/NWS Springfield, MO
John Gagan

NOAA/NWS Louisville, KY
Ted Funk
Erin Snavely

NOAA/NWS Quad Cities, IA/IL
Ray Wolf
Jeff Zogg

NOAA/NWS Sioux Falls, SD
Phil Schumacher

NOAA/NWS Detroit, MI
Greg Mann

NOAA/NWS Binghamton, NY
Michael Evans
Michael Jurewicz

NOAA/NWS State College, PA
Rich Grumm

NOAA/NWS Phoenix, AZ
Michael Paddock

NOAA/NWS Lubbock, TX
Jeff Vitale

NOAA/NWS Paducah, KY
Pat Spoden

NOAA/NWS Twin Cities, MN
Thomas Hultquist

NOAA/NWS La Crosse, WI
Dan Baumgardt

NOAA/NWS Pleasant Hill, MO
Suzanne Fortin
Mark O'Malley

Storm Prediction Center
Steve Weiss
Greg Carbin

Hydrometeorological Prediction Center
Wes Junker

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