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  • North America Phase and Group Velocity Tomography(Last changed May 9, 2017)
  • North America Crustal Models from TA Stations (This is dated and not up-to-date)
  • North America Crustal Models from TA Stations New Version(This is dated and not up-to-date) The following are the result of running a joint oinversion of dispersion and receiver functions for TA station. In this case a two starge QC process was applead. The first examined if the RFTN was a good filter, the second whether the RFTN could be described by a plane-layered elastic medium.

    When clipping on the page, use the 'CTRL -' or the apple 'Command -" to make the table smaller in size so that the result looks lie a map.

    We currently show the final velocity model and the fits to dispersion and Receiver Functions. We intent to provide access to the dispersion fiels and ot the selected RFTN's

    The results are preliminary since we must learn how to model and thus apply proper QC to sites with deep low velocity sections at the surface.

Scientific Presentations

You can find more information about the Center, seismology, and many other earthquake-related topics by visiting the Center's homepage, or by contacting Dr. Robert Herrmann.

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