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  • EOS Article, 1999
    The original submission had 2 more figures. This is the EOS version with better figure quality at the end of the file.
  • GGP Status Report, 1994
    Article by D. Crossley and J. Hinderer, 1995. in: Proceedings of the Second IAG Workshop on non-tidal gravity changes: Intercomparison between absolute and superconducting gravimeters, Cahiers du Centre European de Geodynamique et de Sismologie, Luxembourg, 11, 244-274.
  • Optimizing the Performance of the SG during the GGP
    Presentation by R. Warburton (GWR) at First GGP Workshop, 1997
  • GGP-Related Papers
    List of publications related to the SG and of interest to GGP, arranged alphabetically by first author.
  • EGS Talk 2003 Time Variations of the European Gravity Field, 1997-2001, by D. Crossley, J. Hinderer and J.-P. Boy. (Power Point presentation).
  • SG Processing Programs Programs for processing raw data from stations BO and CA, plus some more general programs
  • Online papers. Full versions of papers by GGP members. The files are given the following generic naming: author1_author2_title1_title2yy.pdf, where the two title words are chosen from the full title.