Saint Louis University Earthquake Center

Seismic Network

The Saint Louis University seismic network is supported through a cooperative agreement with the United States Geological Survey to provide a stream of calibrated digital seismic data as a component of the Advanced National Seismic System.

The seismic network uses two types of sensors: acceleration and broadband. The difference is that the first is a low sensitivity instrument designed to capture very large earthquake motions on scale, while the second provides on-scale recordings of small local and large distance earthquakes.

The Saint Louis University component of the ANSS monitors a broad region of the central United States where significant earthquakes have occurred in the past 200 years. In addition accelerometers operated in urban areas to record motions of engineering significance.

ANSS - Advanced National Seismic System

Seismic networks monitoring US earthquakes that are supported by the U.S. Geological Survey operate according to the standards of the ANSS.

In the Central United States, the two moniforing networks are the

You can find more information about the Center, seismology, and many other earthquake-related topics by visiting the Center's homepage, or by contacting Dr. Robert Herrmann.

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