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New Madrid and the Central U.S.

The Large Events of 1811-12 Online PDF (135k)
1811-12 Intensity Map Online PDF (90k)
Jared Brooks' 1811-12 Intensity Observations Online PDF (45k)
Central Mississippi Valley Earthquake Locations Online PDF (450k)
New Madrid Structure (3D View of Fault System) Online PDF (150k)
1895 Charleston, MO Earthquake Intensities Online PDF (90k)
Earthquakes That Have Affected the St. Louis Area Online PDF (270k)

Updated 2011


Accompanying Table

Online PDF
New Madrid and the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Online PDF (75k)
General Earthquake Information

Where Do Earthquakes Occur? Online PDF (660k)
Earth's Tectonic Plates Online PDF (120k)
What is a Seismic Recording System? Online PDF (45k)
What Moves the Ground? Online PDF (60k)
What Were the Deadliest Earthquakes in History? Online PDF (45k)

You can find more information about the Center, seismology, and many other earthquake-related topics by visiting the Center's homepage, or by contacting Dr. Robert Herrmann.