Computer Programs in Seismology

MintXFCE18 distribution (September 14, 2016)


To assist in  the use of Computer Programs in Seismology, we have prepared a complete version for installation under VirtualBox.  This provides a complete 32-bit LINUX distribution (MintXFCE18), compilers, and other software.  Everything works, and you do not have to learn about installing LINUX on a separate partition on your computer.   VirtualBox make use of the capabilities of modern cpu's to run a virtual system.   

You can get VirtualBox from .    You download and install the specific VirtualBox for the operating system on your comptuer and also get the Extension Pack.    Proper installation of the Extension Pack will permit the operating system running under VirtualBox to exchange files that are on the underlying OS (e.g., Windows, OSX or LINUX).

The MintXFC18.vdi virtual disk image is currently about 9 Gb in size, but can grow to 12 Gb after installation.  You will thus have plenty of space to work.

 After installing MintXFCE18.vdi under VirtualBox, you will be able to use Computer Programs in Seismology.

Logging in:

    User: cps    Password: cps     (this is also the password for installing new system code through the sudo command)


ImageMagick package  (  Of the many programs display and convert are very useful

gv  - this displays PostScript

octave - this is an Open Source clone of MATLAB. There is a GUI like MATLAB. You can also run this from the command line.

GMT4.3.1  - this has a global topography and etopo2 topography
   If you use the gsac map command with tomography on, e.g.,
     GSAC> map kstnm on ep on t on
the command file will be created. Look for the line
If you want to use the etopo2 topography just change this to

The exact correspondence between the 1 or 11 to the actual data file is in the  /home/opt/GMT/share/dbase/   file.

Other Utilities:

bc - simple command line calculator
wget - way to get files from a web/ftp server
gfortran/gcc (Version 5.4)
ed - line oriented editor. Great for putting into shell scripts
evince - viewer for displaying PostScript of bit mapped images
gs - ghostscript
gv - GUI for ghostscript
LibreOffice - this is an OpenSource alternative to MS Office

Computer Programs in Seismology

To help you learn the code and thus learn seismology complete the following exercises:

Exercise 1:  Create a velocity model
      Reference:  /home/cps/PROGRAMS.330/DOC/OVERVIEW.pdf/cps330o.pdf
         Page 1-2 and Chapter 8

Exercise 2:  Wave conversions at an interface
      Reference:  /home/cps/PROGRAMS.330/DOC/OVERVIEW.pdf/cps330o.pdf
         Chapter 3, Appendix A and Appendix B

Exercise 3:  Phase velocity partial derivatives
      Reference:  /home/cps/PROGRAMS.330/DOC/OVERVIEW.pdf/cps330o.pdf
         Chapter Surface waves