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PhD Defense Presentations

Chad M. Gravelle (2011): Examining the Reliability of the Northest U.S. Heavy Snow Conceptual Model [pdf] [zip]

Emily B. Berndt (2009): The Nature of Mesoscale Snowbands: An Investigation into the Structure, Environment, and Evolution of Mesoscale Snowbands [zip]

Michael J. Paddock (2008): Determining Heavy Rainfall Probability Utilizing Both Observed and Model Analysis Soundings [zip]

Marty A. Baxter (2006): The Role of Warm Sector Convection in Mesoscale Banded Snowfall [zip]

Sam Ng (2005): Development of a Dynamical Conceptual Model of Processes Producing Heavy Banded Snowfall Utilizing Numerical Simulations [zip]

MS Defense Presentations

Stephen A. Rodriguez, Jr (2007): A Comparison of the Characteristics of a Severe-Producing and Heavy Rainfall-Producing Mesoscale Convective System [zip]

Erin E. Snavely (2007): A Diagnostic Analysis of Significant Cold-Season Elevated Thunderstorms [zip]

Chad M. Gravelle (2007): A Climatology and Statistical Classification of Midwestern Snow Bands - A Process-Oriented Approach [zip]

Emily B. Eisenacher (2006): Radar Characteristics of Mesoscale Snowbands and the Environment in Which They Form [zip]

Kelly Kubinski (2006): An Application of Corfidi Vectors to a Spectrum of Mesoscale Convective Systems [zip]

Jeffrey D. Vitale (2006): The Development of low-echo Centroid Storms [zip]

Michael J. Paddock (2005): Mesoscale Snowbands Accompanied by Weak Cyclogenesis [zip]

Adam N. Pasch (2005): Numerical Simulations of Mesoscale Snow Bands Associated with Weak Cyclogenesis [zip]

Bradley L. Mickelson (2004): Diagnosis and Prediction of the 3–4 June 2002 Iowa-Illinois Flood [zip]

Marty A. Baxter (2003): A Climatology and Case Studies of Snow to Liquid Ratio for the United States [zip]

Jaime L. Poole (2003): A Model Climatology of Synoptic-Type Heavy Rainfall Events [zip]

Anthony Richey (2003): A Diagnostic Study of Mesoscale Convective Systems’ Evolution From Producing Severe Weather to Heavy Rainfall [zip]

Jamie L. Smith (2003): Examining the Spectrum of Large-Scale Forcing of Weak, Moderate, and Strong Cyclogenesis Associated with Heavy Snowfall [zip]

Marc J. Singer (2002): The Role of the Trowal, Frontogenesis, and Mesoscale Instabilities in the Creation of Heavy Convective Snowbands [zip]

John P. Gagan (2001): Evolution of Heavy Rain-Producing Mesoscale Convective Systems [zip]

Heather J. Sumner (2001): A Comprehensive Evaluation of Cool-Season Elevated Convection in the Central United States [zip]

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