June 8, 1917 Newspaper Clippings: June 8, 1917 Newspaper Clips

Capital Of Salvador First Set On Fire By Volcano Eruption.


Destroyed Area Extends For 30 Miles; Hundreds Of Lives Lost.

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, June 8. - San Salvador, the capital of the republic of Salvador, with a population of more than 60,000, and Santa Tecla and neighboring towns and villages were destroyed in an earthquake which commenced at 7 o'clock last night and continued throughout the night, according to information received here from the President of Nicaragua tonight.

The President's message says: "Telegraphic communication just re-established with San Salvador, confirms that earthquakes commenced at 7 o'clock P.M. yesterday and continued all night, accompanied by a heavy rain."

"San Salvador, Santa Tecla and neighboring towns and villages were destroyed."

"The casualties were small. There were some fires."

"The President of Nicaragua has telegraphed the President of Salvador offering aid. He has order the organization of relief committees to send help to the suffering and the homeless."

A report received from San Miguel says 100 houses were left standing in San Salvador. Strong earthquakes, the report says, were followed later by lava and boiling water.

An operator who reached the edge of the destroyed zone reported at 9:20 o'clock this morning that San Salvador was in ruins and that everything within a radius of 30 miles had been destroyed by the earthquake.

A dispatch from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, says that in addition to the wiping out of San Salvador and Santa Tecla, Queszaltipeque, Nejapa. Suchichoto, Paisnal, Armenios and Mejicanos also were destroyed. Mejicanos was a suburb of San Salvador.

Residents of San Salvador are camping in the streets and parks. At the time the report was sent it had been raining heavily for five hours.

At 7 o'clock last night the telegraph operator at Tegucigalpa, reported that the operator at San Salvador had informed him that earthquakes had been felt there. The shocks were also felt at Tegucigalpa, where the operator at 7:45 P.M lost communication with San Salvador on all wires.

From Sensuntepeque, in North Central Salvador, flames were seen arising apparently from a volcano in the neighborhood of San Salvador.


Panama, June 8. - Reports from Managua and San Juan del Sur say that hundreds of lives were lost in San Salvador. Earthquakes continued all through the night and volcanoes are in eruption. Communication between Panama and San Salvador has been broken.

Wahsington, June 8. - An important section of the central business part of San Salvador was destroyed, the Amerian Legation Building was made uninhabitable and city property apparently made untenable by an earthquake, fire and volcano eruption last night, according to advices from Minister Long to the State Department this afternoon.

Minister Long's message, undated, apparently was sent last night. It reported severe earthquakes from 6:35 P.M. to 8:45, when the volcano of San Salvador began to belch forth fire and smoke toward Quetzaltepeque.

Dry ashes fell in a steady stream over the city. Mr. Long said the fire in the business section semmed to be under control at the time his message was sent. Not deaths had been reported at that time and the legation records were reported safe.

The seismograph at Georgetown University early today recorded severe earthquake shocks, presumably at a distance of 2,000 miles from here. The disturbance began at 7:57 last night and lasted until 9:25. The maximum tremors were reached about 8:07.

El Salvador Earthquake