Onondaga State Park - Entrance and Visitors' Center

Entrance to Cathedral Cave

CCM seismometers are located in a small alcove in the cave
Quanterra data recorder

Data processor located at Visitors' Center

Station CCM seismograph at the park's Visitors' Center

CCM data is transmitted to the USGS via the satellite dish

Can you find the satellite dish in this picture?


Data transmission was down from May 21 through June 15, 2005 due to a tree growing in front of the dish.

Station CCM lost power at site. Flood damage along Meramec River at Onondaga Cave State Park - March 26, 2008.

July 2011 Station Upgrade

Conduit for fiber optics installation

Pull boxes for 1.5 mile fiber optic run

Burying fiber optic conduit

Flooding at the station site

Last updated 27 July 2011