Computer Programs in Seismology - Download

The instructions below show you how to download Computer Programs in Seismology, Version 3.30 which was last changed Oct-26-2023.

Thank you for your interest in the codes.

If you have any questions, requirements trouble downloading from the FTP site please ask by sending Email to R. B. Herrmann at E-Mail:

The main web page for this software package is


The documentation for the installation is included in the gzip'd that you will download given the setps below. If you wish to read the installation guide first, you can download this separately from this link:

 PDF Installation guide  (702787 bytes) This guide is included in the distribution.
Otherwise you can read the file when you unpack the distribution.


Ensure that you have a high speed connection since the size of the current version is 33734738 bytes.

Download using a browser

Enter the following URL in your browser and save locally:>

Download using the wget command

If you have the command wget installed on your LINUX, MacOS-X, Solaris or CYGWIN distribution, enter the command


Tutorials, software upgrades

Please check the updates page so that you know about changes and corrections, so that you can decide if you wish to download again and reinstall. The updates page is at
There is also a page of tutorials at

and a Q&A page


The current code runs well on LINIX and Solaris. You will need the gcc and gfortran compilers, ncurses development, and X11 development. You will need similar software for MacOX-X.

You can run the codes on Windows (XP, Vista) using the CYGWIN package

Go to this site, get the setup.exe and then install. You will need a high speed internet link. Then follow the instructions in CPSInstall.pdf.

Note that installation of CYGWIN under the new Windows 7 is still a work in progress at cygwin - so check the help pages there.

Last updated: Oct-26-2023