The USGS NEIC provides Finite Fault Models for larger earthquakes. An example of this is at

This tutorial shows how to use the Computer Programs in Seismology codes to make teleseismic P-wasve synthetics from the published finite-fault solution.


To run the simulations, you will need the following:


The distributed DOIT script is annotated and self contained, in that the script has the finite fault model, e.g., HayesCostaRica.mod, and the station list, stat.list. Although the finite fault model format may be standard, you can adjust the station lsit to your needs, since only the station name, latitude and longitude are required.

For each station, individual sub-fault synthetics are computed and then stacked to make the synthetic for a station. Teleseismic P-wave synthetics are created using hudson96. It is possible to change the script to make SH or SV synthetics.

The following two plots show the stations and the record section.

Note you must use gsac.