Geophysics students 1967-1975

Photos of Altan Necioglu

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Bob Herrmann's photos

Bob Herrmann provided some photo taken in the department when he was a graduate student. The photos wre taken during parties held during the holidays and to celebrate the new graduates.

Geomagnetism field experiment. A. Murphy, undergraduate (1968)

Albert M. Rogers, Graduate Teaching Assistant. He was working since the magnetometer readout was in the car (1968)

Don Wagner (grad) looking for geodes in N. St. Louis County in Rocks and Minerals class. Dr. Albert Frank was the professor (1968).

Graduation Party for Kailash Khattri Karl Kisslinger, Standslaw Vincenz, Kailash Khattri, William Stauder Umush chandra (back to camera), Atiq Syed (1969)

Don Pitman (technician), Carl Kisslinger, Stanislaw Vincenz, William Stauder (1969)

Altan Necioglu and Kailash Khattri (1969)

Ronald L. Street, graduate student (1972)

End of semester party in 1973. Shailendra Goel, Bireswar Bhattacharya, Barb Douglas (Dept. Secretary), Kay Bird (Research Secretary, William Stauder, S. J. (left to right)

End of semester party in 1973. Chaig-Ho Chang (partial), Stanislaw Vincenz, Ram Agarwal, Shivaji Das Gupta, Otto Nuttli