A joint inversion of surface-wave dispersion and receiver functions is applied to estimate the velocity model at seismograph station locations in North America.

The models are preliminary and will be updated periodically.

Last update: Fri Apr 27 14:55:55 CDT 2012



A31A A32A A33A A34A A35A A36A A37A A38A A39A A40A A41A A42A A43A
B31A B32A B33A B34A B35A B36A B37A B38A B39A B40A B41A B42A B43A
C31A C32A C33A C34A C35A C36A C37A C38A C39A C40A C41A C42A C43A
D31A D32A D33A D34A D35A D36A D37A D38A D39A D40A D41A D42A D43A
E31A E32A E33A E34A E35A E36A E37A E38A E39A E40A E41A E42A E43A
F31A F32A F33A F34A F35A F36A F37A F38A F39A F40A F41A F42A F43A
G31A G32A G33A G34A G35A G36A G37A G38A G39A G40A G41A G42A G43A
H31A H32A H33A H34A H35A H36A H37A H38A H39A H40A H41A H42A H43A
I31A I32A I33A I34A I35A I36A I37A I38A I39A I40A I41A I42A I43A
J31A J32A J33A J34A J35A J36A J37A J38A J39A J40A J41A J42A J43A
K31A K32A K33A K34A K35A K36A K37A K38A K39A K40A K41A K42A K43A
L31A L32A L33A L34A L35A L36A L37A L38A L39A L40A L41A L42A L43A
M31A M32A M33A M34A M35A M36A M37A M38A M39A M40A M41A M42A M43A
N31A N32A N33A N34A N35A N36A N37A N38A N39A N40A N41A N42A N43A
O31A O32A O33A O34A O35A O36A O37A O38A O39A O40A O41A O42A O43A
P31A P32A P33A P34A P35A P36A P37A P38A P39A P40A P41A P42A P43A
Q31A Q32A Q33A Q34A Q35A Q36A Q37A Q38A Q39A Q40A Q41A Q42A Q43A
R31A R32A R33A R34A R35A R36A R37A R38A R39A R40A R41A R42A R43A
S31A S32A S33A S34A S35A S36A S37A S38A S39A S40A S41A S42A S43A
T31A T32A T33A T34A T35A T36A T37A T38A T39A T40A T41A T42A T43A
U31A U32A U33A U34A U35A U36A U37A U38A U39A U40A U41A U42A U43A
V31A V32A V33A V34A V35A V36A V37A V38A V39A V40A V41A V42A V43A
W31A W32A W33A W34A W35A W36A W37A W38A W39A W40A W41A W42A W43A
X31A X32A X33A X34A X35A X36A X37A X38A X39A X40A X41A X42A X43A
Y31A Y32A Y33A Y34A Y35A Y36A Y37A Y38A Y39A Y40A Y41A Y42A Y43A
Z31A Z32A Z33A Z34A Z35A Z36A Z37A Z38A Z39A Z40A Z41A Z42A Z43A
131A 132A 133A 134A 135A 136A 137A 138A 139A 140A 141A 142A 143A
231A 232A 233A 234A 235A 236A 237A 238A 239A 240A 241A 242A 243A
331A 332A 333A 334A 335A 336A 337A 338A 339A 340A 341A 342A 343A
431A 432A 433A 434A 435A 436A 437A 438A 439A 440A 441A 442A 443A
531A 532A 533A 534A 535A 536A 537A 538A 539A 540A 541A 542A 543A
631A 632A 633A 634A 635A 636A 637A 638A 639A 640A 641A 642A 643A
731A 732A 733A 734A 735A 736A 737A 738A 739A 740A 741A 742A 743A