Dr. Ronald Street provided his compilation of original accounts of the 1811-1812 earthquakes.

The attached files summarize the documentation that Ronald Street acquired on the 1811-1812 earthquakes over the years. He has added to the original data base published in 1980, corrected some mistakes, and reorganized the river accounts so they are easier to associate with a specific event. One additional account that has some importance, i.e., the description of the damages at Fort Knox II that occurred as resulted of the Dec. 16, 1811, earthquakes. Fort Knox II was 3 miles north of Vincennes, Indiana.

He also included comments after a few of the accounts trying to correct some of the mistakes that have occurred as a result of misinterpretation. For example, when a newspaper published in a river town like Louisville, Ky., describes Red Banks as being 150 miles below that place, they meant downriver, not due south. That is, they meant Red Banks (Henderson), Ky.

There is also a very incomplete summary on site conditions, boundaries, types of structures, etc., for some of the settlements in and along the Ohio River Valley. He has tried to make sure that the site conditions indicated correspond to the location of the settlement in 1811-1812.