Father Macelwane - A Student's Memories - Gil Bollinger

My undergraduate years at St. Louis University were 1952 - 1956 as a Geophysical Engineering major in the Institute of Technology. Father Macelwane was Dean of that college and he was well known to its students. We all knew that he was a world famous scientist but he could not have been more accessible or friendlier to us students. The door to his office was always open and he made students feel comfortable visiting with him on a wide range of matters. No appointments necessary, no secretary to deal with - just go in and talk with him. For example, when students joined chapters of their professional societies this required a faculty signature on the application for membership. Along with many other students, mine (Society of Exploration Geophysicists) had Father Macelwane's name on it. He was, of course, there for students on more serious matters. He was patient, understanding, and could not have been more helpful.

A personal memory of mine concerning Father Macelwane is that he always had a "twinkle" in his eyes. It was his dominant facial characteristic in my opinion. I've know two or three such men in my lifetime and each was "special". Father Maclewane's twinkle was matched by his policies and actions, especially with students. An example - he would occasionally attend our student chapter meetings, sitting in the back of the room. He did not participate and when asked to would respond that it was our society to run. The presence of a world renowned scientist at our meetings made us feel just a bit special. When he passed away during my senior year, the student body joined the University community and the scientific profession in mourning their loss.

	Gil Bollinger
	Buffalo, Wyoming
	July 2011