BIM Past Issues (1956-2006) from the Royal Observatory of Belgium

The Director General of the Royal Observatory of Belgium, Ronald Van der Linden, has authorized the release of all past issues of the Bulletin d'Informations des Marees Terrestres through the GGP website.

BIM is the official publication of the International Centre of Earth Tides, initiated and founded by Baron Paul Melchior, who was  Director from 1958-1995. Melchior passed away in September 2004:  Melchior Obituary

The preparation of the scanned format of all BIM issues from 1956 (Issue #1) - 2006 (Issue #142), was made possible by the support of the Royal Observatory of Belgium, and realized by the efforts of Michel Van Ruymbeke.

The  BIM Past Issues  are available are .pdf single file page-images of each issue, not editable,

and there is also an index:  Index BIM.pdf

BIM Recent Issues  #133 (15 July 2000) - #146 (15 March 2010) are available with individual papers in .pdf format

All BIM issues (#1 - #146) are available in .pdf single-file page-images at the BIM ICET website